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Secondary Aluminum Alloys Processing
Recycling of nonferrous metals and alloys

Al cans

The Vtormet co is the recognized industrial enterprise representing the secondary nonferrous metals industry of the Russian Federation.

The Vtormet co office is located in Moscow.

The Vtormet co is one of largest manufacturer of secondary nonferrous alloys, first of all aluminium.

The Vtormet co sells several thousand tonnes of ingots of aluminum alloys annually.

We cooperate with dozens of industrial enterprises in Russia, Eastern and Western Europe.

One of the directions of the Holding Industrial Company VTORMET is the processing of low-grade non-ferrous metal waste, which contains aluminium, slag, scobs, foil, and cans. Production cycle consists of two stages. During the first stage raw materials are prepared and during the second stage there is the processing itself.

As processed raw materials we use packaging materials, foil waste, scobs, and metal-plastic materials.

Standard processing methods of such raw materials is its melting in melting units and pouring into pigs or incineration with irretrievable loss of all components. Using this method, ashes, slag, and mud appears, which ought to be land-buried, because harmful emissions pollute the atmosphere.

Our Prices are Competitive


Delivery basis: EXW Moscow.

Weight of aluminium ingots: - 12 kg; 16 kg.

Every melt has a certificate. The certificate states the alloy's weight and chemical composition.

Aluminium ingots are packed into packs by weight of 700-900 kgs.
Surface condition of ingots are non-grease/oil.

The Vtormet Company certifies that the radioactivity level of ingots is within the Russian standard.

For More Information Contact:

Dennis Lemutov
Manager of Non-ferrous alloys department of Vtormet co.

Address: ulitsa Suzdal'skaja 14a, 111672 Moscow, Russian Federation

Tel/fax: (7-095) 702-06-97,
(7-095) 702-29-05,
(7-095) 702-21-10,
(7-095) 702-30-20,
(7-095) 702-39-10,

Office hours: from 6:00 to 14:00 GMT Monday to Friday
from 9:00 to 17:00 Moscow Time


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